Enterprises integrating:

Company is it import remote control person who open automatically to sell at home, possess and show --Sell --Installation --Specialized company with integrated maintenance service. The speciality is installed:

The company has specialities to install the team . Technical staff pass foreign expert train , is it train on duty to reply every year. The installation procedure totally presses According to stipulating procedure operation , there is a system of inspection of quality of installation that carries on the supervision guarantee. Company's project instance is from the enterprises and institutions, the villa house no Leave thousands of. Deliver the qualification rate for a check and up to 100% for the first time, win the customer's commendation

Professional after-sale service:

The company sets up the service department after sale and after-sale service system specially. Project offer person who open use to customer notice is correct to make to coach customer when transfering Use the opening the door machine automatically. Carrying on users to follow up a case by regular visits to after the project is transfered and used, the computer files to follow, answer customer's consultation at any time. The company opens and maintains the clothes in whole day Affair telephone, deal with customer's appeal in time rapidly. It is maintained, change the demand of the fittings , guarantee the customer has no worry to use that may be satisfied for a long time.

The speciality forms a complete set and designs:

The company has many kinds of technical staff, help the customer to offer and design and consult relevantly, and link up engineering design and construct in the different fields to form a complete set and ask voluntarily The question, once relevant processes are synthetic while striving to construct, stop to do the waste over again.

You choose us , has just chosen----

                          First-class door industry First-class mounting technique

                                              First-class service The 100% one rests assured


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