Making a general survey of successful enterprises, quality is their life, it is their soul to innovate, the market is enterprise's final value The tie , without never backward equipment, there are no products selling well. What a competition of facing the international market, and then participate in International systemic circulation, will become the subject needing studying in the production and management of each enterprise of ours

Co., Ltd. of auspicious door industry of Jiangsu Province Danyang City China is in the fierce market competition, can realize that develop steadily , depend on Israel The market is a direction, regard quality as the life , is supported by technological innovation. Study while in market, forget quality of stressing, and so as to The fund input that is broken, guarantee success of the technological transformation project is implemented , from improving product quality, have expanded market share. Market Economy different feeling the weak, but can on crude and rash heartily too, in the face of struggle for existence of enterprise, depend on reason and intelligence but greedy and heavy , seek only well mostly, pursue transient , seek only it's like spring all the year round , goal towering wood still.

Win the market with product quality. Our company advocates the quality first, the highest thought of quality. Regard quality as the market and win victory Magic weapon,it is which make strict last measure quality,it implement" buy out not making quality ", " make quality responsibility investigation ", and " the products produce factory's licence and make ", to the quality problem appearing, check to the end, chase it to the end , do not miss any gossamer horses Mark . It is the same to regard treasuring quality as and treasure one's own life , begin from raw materials enter the factory, set up successive check to make, product quality Have improved steadily for many years, has updated

We is it take national industrial policy as the direction to make every effort, note closely and develop new thinking, new development of industry, move newly thoroughly Turn towards. The height standing in the times, touch the near-market pulse , regard there are products nowing as the foundation, expand the vision, further investigate , strengthen Input, develop the new road to suit our country's construction cause development

The company is with beautiful environment, the working condition is good, technical force is rich, the market potential is enormous, we are welcomed heartily both at home and abroad Travelling trader , guest carry on technological exchange and cooperation, make a contribution to construction of the country hand in hand


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